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Travel Insurance in Winnipeg Manitoba

Get your Travel insurance before you leave for your trip. Whether it is a hard-earned vacation, a weekend getaway, a business trip or a ’round the world cruise, your travel plans should include travel insurance. Yes, Manitoba Health will pay for part of your care if you become ill or injured while you travel outside the province, but in many cases, it is just a fraction of the total cost you will have to pay. Protect yourself and your family from unnecessary expense and worry with a travel insurance and a travel  health plan. We have several options to choose from and our knowledgeable staff will help choose the travel insurance that is right for you. Your Winnipeg insurance broker, Gemstar Insurance!

When it comes to travelling, make your plans, then take one of ours.

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Travel Insurance in Winnipeg - FAQs

1. If I am travelling only within Canada, why do I need extra travel insurance?

Manitoba Health will pay a portion of your out-of-province health care expenses, but the difference between what this partial reimbursement is and what your total cost might be, could be substantial. Plus, Manitoba Health will only cover you for certain parts of your health care – items like ambulance costs and prescriptions are NOT covered.

Why risk it when travel plans are so affordable?

2. Can I get coverage to protect the cost of my vacation?

Definitely! The travel insurance companies we represent have excellent products like trip cancellation insurance and all-inclusive tour insurance packages. Typically, these have to be purchased within 72 hours of making any non-refundable payments, so call us for details before you book your travel!

3. Will my everyday medical needs, such as insulin or on-going prescriptions be covered by a travel insurance?

No! Travel insurance are designed specifically to cover you for sudden unexpected illness or accident. They will not cover your usual day-to-day requirements.

If you have any questions about travel insurance and health coverages, please contact us.

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