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Business Insurance

Why Business Insurance?

Why get Business Insurance?


Whether you own a small or medium sized business that's been operating for years, or just starting out, insurance is going to be an important asset for your company.  If you have employees, equipment, vehicles, inventory, computers, revenue, we can insure it all.


Think about all the uncertainties that can befall your business if a disaster should strike. A break-in, where your computers have been stolen, your inventory gone, and your building or business space in shambles - how can you keep going, keep making money to pay the bills and even your staff?


The Answer is INSURANCE!

See why a good insurance policy means minimal interruption to your operations in the case of fires, break-ins, evacuations and numerous other calamities that you may not have ever considered.


If you already know the value of insurance and you're looking for a competitive quote, contact us today for a no obligation conversation about protecting your business.



Small Businesses

Insurance for Small Business


Insurance for small businesses is a must-have necessity! Running a small business can be ultimately rewarding but also complex and confusing considering all the things you have to do to keep your business going. From filing taxes, managing cash-flow, keeping abreast of your competitors, there are hundreds of details you need to track and manage.


Insurance for your small business is often the farthest thing from your mind! As a result, you may not be aware of the range of benefits the right business insurance policy can provide to protect you, your employees and customers, and your business assets.


Have you thought about what happens if a contractor is injured on your premises? Or if their tools or equipment get stolen or go missing from your business while they are working for you? Small Business Insurance can minimize your liability!


smallbusinessinsuranceDid you know that there are small business insurance policies that will protect the income of the business in the case of fire, break-ins, etc? You can essentially keep it "business as usual" with a solid business insurance policy.


A good small business insurance policy can help you set up a temporary location while your space is being reconstructed after a disaster or break-in. However not all insurance providers provide the same type of comprehensive small business coverage.


So make sure you call us and we can help you determine what insurance components are important for your small business in Winnipeg or Manitoba!

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance


You receive a letter in the mail from Government Employees Injury Compensation regarding the injury of a Canada Post employee while on your property. Scary stuff to find in your morning mail. So what happens next? How does liability insurance work?


Liability insurance works to protect your interest by determining the validity of the claim. Your insurance company will respond in one of 3 ways:

  • They can deny the claim altogether.
  • They can make an offer to settle.
  • They can defend you in court. If you are found liable by the court, your policy will provide coverage for any compensatory damages you are legally obligated to pay with respect to the injuries sustained by the postal employee.

What won’t be covered? Your liability insurance will not cover any punitive damages assessed by a court as punishment for your actions. Another limitation of your coverages is that it does not apply to injuries sustained by you or any members of your immediate family or employees in your business.


Deductibles don’t apply to liability coverage. Your policy will also cover legal defense costs should the third party file suit against you.

Would you know how to respond responsibly in the aftermath of an accident?


If you are involved in an accident in which someone is injured or their property is damaged, be sure to write down any information you think might be essential to the incident, usually through your broker. The insurance company will want to know the date, time, place and circumstances surrounding the event. Furthermore, take the time to record the names and addresses of witnesses and anyone you think might make a claim against you.


Like most people, you probably won’t think much about liability insurance until you have to use it. Most customers buy property insurance to protect their belongings / home, etc. But the big money is in liability coverages. Common occurrences include the child who is nipped by your runaway dog, the postal employee at your business or your child who hits a ball right through a neighbour’s pricey picture window.


Liability insurance helps you meet any potential legal obligations to others in the event of an unintentional incident.

Home Businesses

Insurance for Home-based Businesses


Running your business from home can be the dream job for many people. You can spend more time with your kids, save money on the daily commute, and chose the hours that you work.


But running a business from your home can also bring some insurance issues that not all insurance agents may be aware of. In fact, some insurance companies may not consider you a home-based business at all.


There are a few considerations. For example:

  • what is the business?
  • what are your estimated annual gross revenues?
  • what is the value of your business equipment?

Depending on your answers, some insurance companies will not insure you with home-based business coverage insurance policy.


contact us to find out if your home-based business is a home business for insurance purposes. We have great rates and super coverage!


Looking after other peoples' kids in your home?


Did you know that you can only have 4 children in the home at one time before you are required to get day-care insurance?

This means that if you have 2 of your own children at home you can only look after 2 more, before you need to get a license AND insurance!

contact us to get the details about home-based day care insurance!


Ready For a Quote?

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First Time Home Buyers

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Making a Claim?

make a claim at gemstar insuranceEverything you need to know about making an insurance claim so you can get back to normal, quickly and effectively.